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The Osun Fire and Emergency Management Service aim at becoming a leading word class. African provider of Fire and emergency services and African best trainer of Fire and emer-gency officers.


To provide leadership for African nations in the management of disaster, training of disaster managers, saving lives and properties, education of masses and development of disaster preventive culture among our people. To be achieved by establishing adequate emergency stations, providing international standard training institutions and world class equipments.


  1. Ensure sufficient well trained, competent and adequately motivated staff to meet fire and emergencies needs of the State.

  2. Provide infrastructural needs for effective service delivery in each of the local government fire and emergency station of the State.

  3. Install word class equipments for efficient service delivery in disaster management in all the stations and training centres so as to be reputable for providing the most outstanding Fire and Emergency services in Africa.

  4. Develop and equip training centres to be capable of providing training leadership in Africa.

  5. Deliver sufficient preventive education to the Citizenry to bring about a continu-ous reduction of fire and disaster incidences in the State.

  6. Ensure that the service is self sufficient in funding and maintaining her activities, and facilities, thereby place less reliance on State Government with respond to funding.

  7. Great the most stable and reliable source of revenue for the State Government.

Target Achievement

  1. Building of functional Fire and emergency station in each mother local governmment headquarters of the State.

  2. Create data base of the residents, business and corporate organizations for effec-tive and adequate mobilization of revenue.

  3. Establishment of Fire and emergency management fund to attract donation from individual and corporate organizations.

  4. Regular provision of Fire and emergency management education for the State res-idents

  5. Employment of 780 Staffs by year 2028.

  6. Ensure full insurance for Fire and emergency Workers.

  7. Acquisition of adequate and most modern Fire and emergency equipments for all the stations, Institute, and headquarters (4 ) Establishment of additional 2 training centres and full development of the 3 training centres for:

    • Basic training in Fire Services
    • Basic Health management in emergencies
    • Full disaster management training.
    • Emergency Security Agent training